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Most often Google AdSense place ads on your site that are relevant to your content but sometimes Google gets it wrong. It can also be times where you don’t want Google to put any relevance to a certain text on your site when they crawl it.

An example would be if you write a blog post about that you don’t like poker sites. Then it would be unfortunately if Google showed ads for poker sites on your blog.

With Relevant AdSense Ads there is now an easy way of helping Google distinguish which content that you think is relevant and which content should be ignored.

WordPress Relevant AdSense Ads

WordPress Relevant AdSense Ads


Go to Relevant AdSense Ads on to read more about the plugin or download Relevant AdSense Ads directly.

12 Responses to Relevant AdSense Ads

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  4. Where am I supposed to change my Adsense code in this plug-in, so I get paid for the Ads and not someone else?

    • Fredrik Malmgren says:

      This plugin does not add any AdSense ads. With this plugin you can mark what content on your site that you feel is relevant for Google AdSense and what content that you feel is not relevant.

  5. Lisa says:

    Thank you very much for this plug inn and for the information you have provided. This has saved me a lot of time and headache.

  6. Masturi says:

    Thanks for a good plugin.

  7. Roezer says:

    So the plugin just adds section targeting to your WordPress Blog so the Sidebar Widgets and other Gadgets in your Footer will not be targeted by Advertisers. Nice but it will take time to Work correctly

  8. Emma says:


    I’ve tried to use your plugin because i hear it’s great.
    But I can’t see where i’m asked to place my adense code.How’s tracking done if code isn’t needed? Or am i missing something?

    Please advise

    • Fredrik Malmgren says:

      Hi Emma,

      This plugin just lets Google AdSense know what content are relevant and what is not relevant on your site.
      You can’t enter your Google AdSense code anywhere in the plugin. Just add the Google AdSense code as you normally do.

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