Tell Google AdSense what is relevant on your site

My latest plugin to WordPress was just released to the WordPress plugin repository. With this plugin you can help Google AdSense find out what content on your site that is relevant for targeting ads.

Usually Google is rather good at this but sometimes there are situations where you don’t Google to pay any attention to a text paragraph on your site or blog post.

For instance if you write about that you don’t poker sites it is unfortunately if Google should show ads for poker sites.

You can read more and download Relevant AdSense Ads on the plugin page or on plugin repository.

About Fredrik Malmgren

Fredrik Malmgren is an entrepreneur, project manager and developer specialized in WordPress. Read more about me or get in contact with me. You can also find me on Twitter. (@fredrikmalmgren).
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2 Responses to Tell Google AdSense what is relevant on your site

  1. Nabil says:

    Laddade ner tillägget till min blogg. Ska se ifall det har någon effekt.

    Om det fungerar, så kan du vänta dig ett inlägg om det hela 😉

  2. Fredrik says:

    Hi Nabil,

    I’m looking forward to see the result. Keep in mind that it could take around 2 weeks for Google to take the changes into account.

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